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New comment added to Ed Sirignano's discussion Graduation day

We are so blessed that Brent was able to participate with his amazing Class of 2010. What a very special group of young men and women you have ALL raised. All of these kids are a Class act! Brent's friends and fellow students helped make the day even more special than it already was by taking the time to give Brent a hug and say hello prior to rehearsals. Mingie and I felt so special to witness the Love and support from Brent's friends and fellow students.

Prior to the graduation ceremony, again many friends and fellow students took the time to stop by and say hello to Brent and sign his yearbook. Our hearts were so full of Love and admiration for ALL of these truly caring and loving young adults who made Brent's day.

The graduation ceremony was an experience we will never forget! Mingie and I and our Family were so thankful to God and so very proud of Brent for his accomplishments. We wanted to say THANK YOU to EVERYONE for making Brent and our Family feel so special when he walked up on the stage. Those few minutes of our lives were truely beyond words, but we will say that your Love and support for Brent and our Family will live within our hearts forever.

A special thank you to Brent's great friend Jamie for being there for him on this very special day!

Thank you to ETHS for a terrific event and for allowing Brent and our Family the opportunity to participate.

Good luck and best wishes to the graduating Class of 2010. You are ALL very special and should be very proud of your accomplishments!

For those of you not on Facebook to see pictures from the event, Mingie and I are going to attempt to post some pics on this site. We may need some assistance. LOL

God Bless you

Love Always,

The Sirignano Family

PS To Brent's friends and fellow students: We are very proud of ALL of you for honoring your friend Brent and making good decisions when driving. No texting, no drugs, no alcohol and ALWAYS where your seat belts.

Love Ed and Mingie

Love this Candra CraneNicole SummersKaren MaleyBernie Fortier

Friday, June 25, 2010

Eileen Shaughnessy started the discussion BRENT WOWS THE CROWD AT THE BREN CENTER!

What a thrill to see Brent walk at Graduation!

The rules are really that we aren't supposed to cheer when a student's name is read (mostly because then the family of the next kid can't hear their own child's name being read), and everyone usually abides by it mostly in that people will just make a really short quick cheer when their child's name is called so it doesn't interfere with the next reading. didn't really work that way with Brent! They announced "Brent Sirignano" and a roar of cheering, hooting, and hollering rose up from the whole crowd. For that one moment, everyone apparently agreed that we could suspend the rules to recognize this child's awesome accomplishments in the last few months, and we all just chose to cheer wildly, many standing.

Once Brent finished, everybody went back to the regular routine . It was quite something to watch this moment.......just celebrating Brent......and it was beautiful.

The Shaughnessy clan were very grateful to have been able to see it.

Eileen, Katie, and Brian Shaughnessy

Undoubtedly my favorite part of Graduation was seeing Brent walk with his class!!! He received a Standing O from me and many of his fans!
Gavin said he shook Brent's hand and that Brent recognized him...which Gavin said was the highlight of his Graduation!
Our love and pride in you continues to grow Brent!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Kirker Family

Friday, April 30, 2010

O. C. Register April 29 2010

LAKE FOREST – The overturned Chevrolet Tracker, the bloodied prom-goer lying on the hood of another car, parents rushing to the scene.

Though it was all staged – part of El Toro High School's annual Every 15 Minutes event – it hit all too close to home for many of the school's upper classmen.

Article Tab : patton-crash-minutes-frie
Jamie Patton out where El Toro High School held its Every 15 Minutes event. Patton is close friends with Brent Sirignano who was critically injured in a car crash in February, and the crash re-enactment really affected him.

The two-day event – put on for the high school's juniors and seniors – included a mock crash, a "grim reaper" who plucked 22 students from classrooms simulating their death and hysterical parents. An assembly at which letters from the "dead" students were read brought many to tears.

As did the story told by Ed and Mingie Sirignano, who's son Brent – an El Toro High senior – was critically injured in a car crash on Feb. 6. The Sirignanos spoke about the aftermath of the accident, and its effect on their son and their family and friends.

Brent Sirignano was put into a medically induced coma at CHOC at Mission following the accident and has undergone a series of surgeries since then. He was brought out of the coma in early March, and later that month was moved from the critical care unit to a room on the same floor in pediatrics. He was released in mid-April and is now undergoing rehabilitation at St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

In late March police said blood tests of Parker Kalmen, the driver of the car in which Brent Sirignano was a passenger, came back positive for THC, a chemical compound in marijuana. No other drugs or alcohol were found in Kalmen's system, police said.

The sheriff's department is concluding its investigation and will pass it to the District Attorney's Office, which will decide if there is enough evidence to press charges, said Lt. Mike Gavin.

Jamie Patton, 17, a close friend of Brent Sirignano, spoke with the Register about the mock DUI event and how it affected him.

Q. What impacted you most about the Every 15 Minute program?

A. The car crash. It showed how terrible the event would be and how a poor choice by a friend can end lives. Even though you know it's a show where they bring the fire department, the police and medics, it's exactly like a real car crash. I was deeply upset. It was emotional. Those two days are a very eye-opening experience.

Q. Have you been involved with the program before?

A. They only do it every other year. I've seen videos before. I witnessed a couple people taken out by the "grim reaper." I'd only seen small parts of it.

Q. How was this year different?

A. This year was my first year with the assembly and car crash. Seeing my good friend, Brent, going through this made it harder. They make the program real for the parents, too. I'm hurting for my friend and for Brent's family. It was terrible for his whole family.

Q. What impact did it have on other students?

A. I think for everyone who knows Brent, it's harder. I hope everyone takes this seriously because it can happen to you. It doesn't matter how smart you are, no one is invincible.

Q. Do you think kids that drink (alcohol) and/or smoke pot might stop doing that because of what happened to Brent?

A. Kids will do what they do. I can't say all people who drink and smoke will stop. I hope they take it more seriously. Why would they take the chance?

Q. What is Brent's situation now?

A. He's still in rehabilitation at St. Jude's. He is doing better. He's a very strong kid and he's a fighter. He walks with a walker and he's eating by himself. He recognized me and even called me on the phone. He tells us how much he misses us and we tell him how we miss and love him. The last time I talked to him, he seemed more excited and in good spirits.

Car Wash Fundraiser Feb. 20 2010

LAKE FOREST - Almost 200 motorists turned out Saturday at a fundraiser to support a local teen still in a coma following a car crash on Feb. 6.

The car wash and bake sale event was held in support of Brent Sirignano, an El Toro High senior, whose recovery has united the 2,200 students at the Lake Forest school.

Article Tab : brent-saturday-held-critically
A group of friends held a bake sale and car wash on Saturday at El Toro High School to raise funds for Brent Sirignano's family. Brent was critically injured in an accident about two weeks ago.

More than 50 students and some parents washed a seemingly unending line-up of cars that poured into the parking lot at El Toro High well past the planned end time of noon. Students also sold baked goods, some of which were donated by Bagels & Brew and Albertsons. Students wore white T-shirts with "Support Brent" on them.

Since Sirignano's accident, students have held daily prayer vigils, made posters and T-shirts and posted messages on a Sirignano family-sponsored blog.

Sirignano, 17, was injured after Parker Kalmen, 17, also from Lake Forest, lost control of his 2006 Scion on a wet road. Sirignano was in the passenger seat. The car spun into a tree, impacting the passenger side. Sirignano and Kalmen had to be extricated from the car. Kalmen was uninjured in the crash.

In a message posted at 8 p.m. Saturday, Bobbi Scott wrote :"Ed and Mingie report that Brent is still in his coma. His breathing is much better today as it takes a little adjustment being off the respirator. He has responded well to all the great care from the nurses. He is actually snoring while the oxygen mask is off."

"They say Brent looks good. They were so thankful to all the El Toro students who washed cars today at the fundraiser. They have heard some of the stories about the day and it has really touched them. THANK YOU to everyone and please keep praying for Brent."

The "Brent Sirignano Fund" has been set up for donations that go directly to Brent's medical care.

Checks should be made out to "Brent Sirignano". Mail to : Wells Fargo Bank Attention: Nghi X. Luu, 24251 Rockfield Blvd., Lake Forest, CA 92630.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ed Sirignano's discussion Brents visit at home

Hello everyone,

What a beautiful day it was today! We were allowed to bring Brent home today for a trial run. We picked him up from St. Jude hospital after breakfast and were to have him back promptly no later than 8:00pm. We returned to the hospital at 7:59 pm. LOL Exactly one minute to spare!

It was so great having Brent home today with his family and we are now looking forward to Friday, because he will be coming home to stay.

Brent no longer has restrictions regarding his diet and really enjoyed Mingie's spaghetti dinner tonight. Her sauce is the best!! Brent continues to work extremely hard during his therapy sessions at St.Jude as part of their in patient rehab program. We have a meeting with the doctors on Wednesday, at which time we will discuss the best options for Brent's out patient therapy following his return home.

Brent continues to improve daily, but the doctors tell us that he suffers from a condition known as Aphasia. The doctors say that with continued rehabilitation a person can improve to the best of their ability. Brent is walking at times, with the aid of a walker and a guide person, but we are told now by the doctors, that his difficulty walking is not a physical issue, but rather is a result of the injury to his brain. His right side is still improving, but he does have issues with motor skills and has impaired vision in his right eye. When he returns home he will require 24 hour care.

Despite these challenges that lie ahead we feel extremely blessed to have our beautiful son with us and are so excited that he is coming home. Upon his return home our Family will request that friends who would like to visit Brent please call first. We know he is very excited to see ALL of you.

We wanted to thank you ALL for eating at Baja Fresh on Tuesday and for continuing to Love, Pray for and support our Family in so many ways. We also are hearing of so many things people are doing behind the scenes and we THANK YOU from the the bottom of our hearts. Your efforts of kindness and generosity to our Family are greatly appreciated. We truely hope this message finds you ALL in good spirits. May God Bless ALL of you!

Love Always

Ed and Mingie oxox

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 6, 2010 Batteries for Brent

Bobbi Scott Apr 6, 10

We're genuinely excited to let the Sirignanos know that, through their neighbors' generous support of our "Batteries for Brent" program, a total of $3676 was raised for Brent's Recovery fund. Thanks for your help in getting the word out. We far exceeded even our most optimistic stretch goal.

Christine & Jack
The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest